Information needed regarding spent biomass from extractor

My company is building a plant to manufacture feed and one of the ingredients is spent hemp/cannibus biomass. I am looking for any information regarding the nutrient content left in the biomass and if anyone is working in this area.
Please contact me or reply to this post.
Thank you for your help,

it works for animal feed. nutritional content will vary based on extraction method. eg cyro ethanol should have higher caloric value (leaves the fats behind).

you’re going to have to verify any numbers you get here anyway, so I suggest you start collecting and do the measurements yourself. Chances are it varies from extractor to extractor.

I am just looking for some general numbers and information.

Thank you much

sure, and I’m simply stating that if you are formulating animal feed, you need to be the expert.

I haven’t seen them posted. nor anyone who appears likely to have them (but I’ve been wrong before…)

As I don’t expect you’re super familiar with extraction, you’re also getting

what is left behind will depend on what has been removed.

…that will depend on the solvent used.

I applaud your business plan.
good luck!