Industrial Screening Machine - Sift hash, or isolates!

Item Model/Manufacturer: China - Xinxian Dahan - Model DH-1200-1S
Description: Up for sale are TWO (2) Stainless Steel Industrial Sifters. 2 levels of screens on each one, but the two can be combined to make 1 4 layer sifter if desired. We used them initially to screen out stems from biomass. They were around $4k each new. $2500 for the pair OBO.

Would be great for big boy hash guys, or possibly to sift isolate to “refluff”. Pretty big in size. These things are about 4ft tall and 4ft wide.

Call or text sterling at 503-881-1347

Oregon, 97355
Buyer must arrange pickup or freight. Its possible we could trailer em over to somewhere local in PNW, but we are pretty busy putting together a new (to us) hemp dryer. =)