Indoor Growroom


Checking in and hope everyone is fantastic! We are permitted for hemp & searching for some info on who is the best builder / architect for sealed indoor grow rooms & lab build out on the east coast.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Let’s chat.


Are you looking at doing a vertical grow?


Horizontal grow.


Preference on greenhouse or warehouse?


What is your end product?


Horizontal hemp indoors? How do you justify your overhead with the cost of flower where it is?


I always wondered if the clothing racks they use in clothing wharehouses can support the weight of lights and substrates


I was shocked at the price of feminized hemp seeds. $10k+ per pound.


400-600lb for CBD flower, not way an indoor grow can justify the expense (Time Money Materials).

Indoor thc flowers, even top shelf, has drastically went down 25.00-45.00 oz.

I swapped all 6x 600 (hps/mh) for all cmh. Granted I dropped 150-200.00 a month from my power bill, and still pull the same weight and quality as my 600hps runs. But these elcheapo azzes refuse to pay for quality. They want bulk, and at the cheapest. No matter how dirty the flowers are.

I always test my end product, BUT never use nasty shit in flower, or veg!

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THC flower pricing is still very state dependent.

I think greenhouse is the future for THC grows, but there is still a premium for indoor.

Indoor and greenhouse hemp seems like it would be for R&D or propagation.

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Ypu cant possibly go by a graph. You must go by what’s actually selling in your area.

1hr drive north of me and they absolutely LOVE crappy ethaol wash crude vs my disty carts. I cant pay anyone to smoke that crap (ethanol wash carts)

Price is the only variable

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Holy cow I would have never thought hemp could be profitable grown indoors


Indoors (warehouse/artificial lighting) vs Greenhouse (light dep/supplemental lighting) vs Outdoor are three distinct cost bases

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I really don’t that it is especially if it’s not a vertical LED grow. This is why I asked how they plan to turn a profit on one level.


I guess the title of the post should have given it away. :thinking:


There’s two majors @ play here. We are getting ready for the flip of the second in our state. That should clear up any confusion as to what is a foot. Cheers :evergreen_tree:


Also thank you to all that inquired. We have found our solution!