Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.



What size run of what type of material (trim/nug) do you use those 0.5 cup parts for?


I usually do about 2100g runs. And would use more media than you stated. I would do equally parts of the t5 and silica. And half that of the magsol. DE can be the same or a little less than the magsol.


I want to buy one of these CRC’s ASAP. Please lemme know how to order one! Thanks.


Why do you exclude alumina from this stack?


I ran out and was getting results without. But I would still incorporate it, once I figure out run costs


Aa is super cheap


If you feel the need for this to be added. i looked at the cost of this as well. In reality, i have all their cost. I have it entered into a spreadsheet and now know what it takes to ship it per KG to me and i know whats the cost to get it to you…

USAlab sells activated alumina for $29 for 500g. I think i can offer the forum double that for the same price shipped. Just need to know if its a necessary thing to purchase and in the volume that needs to be bought to get it for their lowest price point.

I will be aggressive with all the pricing; i have a huge plan and its gonna really benefit us all getting these powders even cheaper from them!


I’m just imagining a guest bedroom filled with boxes on boxes of powders :joy:


Its actually full of stainless. Ive posted some of it on IG. Its even worse when i get these sea shipments, and they need forklifts to put big shipping crates under my car ports. Its always fun carrying in 2-3 tons of stainless inside. I have other places to store this stuff too. I have an unoccupied room upstairs too. I just dont wanna carry the stainless up and down the stairs daily.

Its just a nice little side business helping out homies trying to achieve the same goals as me!

my family lives with it. I cant do it without them…they have to be around all the stuff on a daily basis. They let me follow my dreams so i can help other achieve theirs. Its a cool circle!

Anyone else wanna buy these powders buy the 100kg??:woman_shrugging:


Nope, 20 is good enough for me


In need of crc.


Looks like a old school brick hash press or a pre brick press to make rosin pressing a bit simpler hope I could help ! :slight_smile:


Haha you gonna have a powder room with 100 kilo boxes of white powder @Killa12345

I can also vouch for his quality for products of the stainless variety I’m extremely satisfied with everything he has got me which is more than I can say for all the other companies I’ve used to get parts… or an extractor. I wouldn’t buy another from anywhere/anyone else at this point…


Edit: I’m an idiot and will sip my beer with my hands away from the phone.


indeed. everyone should have at least two centrifuges :wink:

even the CO2 guys could use them. would make winterizing a breeze.


Does anyone know how much extract can be dissolved in a liter of butane at room temp?


does 5000ppm butane count as dissolved in?


im Pretty sure this relationship works in both directions, so you could have five grams of butane left in a qp of oil or you could you could have 2000g of butane with 50 or 100 grams of oil suspended in it depending on your starting material, solvent amount used and sop. Are you asking what would make the best solution for flow?


Everyone seems to run with cryo solvent and use a 5 or 6 to 1 ratio of solvent to material.

What I’m trying to figure out is if I use warm solvent would a 3 to 1 solvent to material ratio be sufficient.

Or if I were to just run a system where I heat my isobutane to 140f and recover the vapor through a material column into a chilled collection chamber, would the extract just come out from the bottom of the material column as a foamy mess?


That would depend on the pressure you ran I would assume. My understanding is that you need liquid solvent (I guess you could go for supercritical, but I’m betting your rig isn’t up for that) in order to extract the cadabinoids.

Can’t find the data on what pressure you’d need to keep iso-butane liquid at 140f