Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.



I ran the same stuff before one came out soupy af one shatter like a mf…only thing i changed was the type of buchner i used…if vacumn is not strong enough ull end up with fine sediment in ur extract or it will come out a soup…all the good stuff will remain adsorbed on the clay and cellite


Regardless of filter pore size?


What are u using?


1-3 um over a 5 um sintered disk, only back pressure.


Ive only gone to 22 um …maybe u are going too steep…i guess just try it out see what happens…however i used 8 micron and 22 um and didnt notice any difference in consistency or color


Not my best but figured I’d take one of those photos


That looks amazing!


GreAt work,


Looks a Win there ^^^^^^^^^





Looked like a warm acetone wash in the beforebefore pic :joy:


Some of our adsorbants are rated to 20 um particle size


That’s so rad


Its 3 year old trim that was left in a warehouse and forgotten about i figured if it clean that up it can clean anything up.


So I realized the sintered disk is getting clogged at the bottom . I’ve separated the disk from touching media all together with coffee filter . Still got clogged . I’m pretty sure it’s the disk all together . Can I use silicate for flow ?


Looks like top shelf now :metal:


You should try cleaning it out and see if that helps. I haven’t used a disc yet in any of my filtration, I’m just using papers


And u set that media directly on papers…what’s size paper do u let touch the media?

And everyone gets a paper or just first media


What did you use in what order? Holy smokes that’s crazy


Are these particular type of papers you’re using? Like qualitative ? Or quantative … what #s micron ?