Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



Yeah no prices either and no clear :zipper_mouth_face:

And the mileage can only be set to a distant of 40 miles…

I think I may have some issues there…I’m not that good with numbers though! 40-4k is there really a difference?


Looks like it hadn’t been updated in a good long time. They were just at Kush stock. I coulda had a buddy grab me some stuff


I start trials next week when I get back in


I think I might be on to something…


Do you plan on just dry packing it?


I kinda want to let some suspended in my dewax chamber and have it filter over the celite, then through my stack. 20/8/1.

For a dry run. I will probably pack a bit more into a single stack packed with celite and filter stack it the same.

Filter stack. I said that too many times.


Yeah! You pack thos stacks! Hahaha stack those packs



got mine ordered also, hoping everything will be in on time for my next run.


I’m glad your trying it, I’m excited to see what’s most effective, it would be sweet if we could find a way to get more runs out of one thing vs another, I’m pretty sure I’m getting @Soxhlet / @Indofab CBC so then I gotta order the filtration media man it’s a costly investment but for a good cause!


magnisol showed up today. waiting for millipore, de, celite, ac, bleach, and pvpp. i have a bunch of 6"×3" columns and filter stacks. just hoping things everthing will show up by Wednesday


I am currently balls deep into today’s work, I am using 545 and AC on top of it while I wait for lab society to send me my damn t-5 and t-41 lol will post results looking like no water clear but maybe a tab lighter. This material runs very dark though.


Hey, so I have been playing around with celite in the filter the past two days. I gotta say damn its slow! Diden’t notice any color reduction with or without it. Must be because Im not useing AC, there aren’t any carbon fines to compete with the filter bed. What kinds of results have you been acheiving?


I won’t able to tell until I get into the office today, I did get Channelling on one run my fault because of pressure fluctuation. Hopping it help!!


Channeling is a bitch!


Indeed! It is, I’m order slica gel, the cheap magsli and even filter plate rings off amazon all prime lol so next week I can experiment with the pretty close to the same load as you. I like the idea of keeping each bed of filtrate separate and nice and compacted.


Ooooof the pvp isn’t that cheap either I’m going to let you do the heavy lifting on this one lol


Cheap filter plate rings u say :face_with_monocle:


I didn’t think it was bad. Depends on how much I have to use I suppose. $50 for 3 lbs. The divergan was more expensive.


Whattttt, where amazon had it for like 70 for 1/2 kg , I’d buy it but I’ve already purchased 2.5kgs of both t-41 and t-5, carbon and a butt load of 545 lol and my parts for the filtration lol been a pricey project already, maybe I should just stop being such a cheapskate :weary: