Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.


How tight are you guys pressing the powders in your filter stack?

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@Dred_pirate I’m wondering doesn’t using such a small filter at 8 and 1 micron aren’t u getting some clogging? Were did u get your filters?

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Also what size metal mesh under your stack



I use filters going to that micron regularly. I’m just putting the media before



What solvent did you use?



I’ve been pressing mine really tight like really with my hydraulic press, I don’t have a gauge on it maybe I’ll figure out a way I can get on on there.

Also ordered the slides so I can the ball rolling on the chromatography, I’m hoping this can be a process so we can determine what material will need more or less of a specific media so it will take out guess work and run that did not turn out as well as they could



Using 70/30 blend , since i am 100% passive. My color has improved considerably went from all brown to gold. This trim is terrible



Even when the crc tek doesn’t work 100%, everything comes out so much better than it would have anyway. It feels like a win, regardless



Can we start putting together a list of what each material effectively pulls out?



DE/celite, t5, and silica 60. The diatomaceous doesn’t do anything but help polish and filter. The t5 and silica 60, do most of the work. The magsesol we’ve been using, works too, but won’t get you clear. It is inexpensive and does strip some nasty stuff, just not all. It’s nice to have in the beginning, followed by the silica, then the t5



So would you use something like:
1 celite
3 t-5
2 silica
1 magnesol
1 celite



Is that bottom to top

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Aye. That’d be good. Depending on how much material you’re going to run, do that combo from top to bottom in half cup parts.


Celite is the same thing as diatomaceous earth.

If you are looking to get the media at a good price, reach out to @Killa12345. He is carrying the necessary media for this from carbon chemistry for just about half price as any other retailer



I wont be able to ship probably till Feb 25 but i will be helping out members. Really Appreciate you all. And really happy to do this for the community. As a 1 man show, i have no really overhead but a large storage unit and i use 3 rooms in my house for the business. These low costs allow me to pass that saving on to you guys. Im not here faking im some large company and i build all this in house. No…I Import a lot of my goods from china. Im really good at sourcing and logistics and here to help in any way i can. But i do ALL QUALITY control with my own hands. I build every single extractor i sell. Personally! I inspect every single part i sell. I have a Masters Degree in Statistical Process Control, done 6 sigma training. Dont you want someone like this sourcing your stuff!

Im not here to rape anyone in this industry like some of my competitors. Im a concentrates maker just like you all. I just thought there was a need for someone on our side…someone that can fight for the little extractor trying to make it. I really dont care about my suppliers feelings. Im here for my customers and anyway i can make you all happy im in!

Thanks for the shout out @Dred_pirate. A lot of you have had personal dealing with me and know how i operate and i hope to have dealing with a lot more of you all in the future. Cause the future is clear! LOL



Top to bottom



He is legit. Very prompt with everything and honest. He is my goto first choice



What size run of what type of material (trim/nug) do you use those 0.5 cup parts for?



I usually do about 2100g runs. And would use more media than you stated. I would do equally parts of the t5 and silica. And half that of the magsol. DE can be the same or a little less than the magsol.

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I want to buy one of these CRC’s ASAP. Please lemme know how to order one! Thanks.



Why do you exclude alumina from this stack?

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