Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.


I start with a 25 um screen on top then load my powders on a 11um papers. Then a 5um filter disc and finishing with a 2 um screen

Silica 60 has multiple diffent sizes in it.



So from bottom to top its 2um,5um ,11um,powders ,25um screen



Don’t think you’d be getting anything through the 2um. Is the ferrule the 2um paper is sitting on welded around the edges? Is there anyway you could be getting some bypass?

If it is sealed around try wetting your paper with some ethanol and then packing, if that doesn’t work be very aware of the pressures in your CLS while operating. Few times i’ve blown filter papers out from having pressure shoot up from below



Winterize to filter out the saND see what you get



I actually opted for the larger floor stand one because of the length of travel, but it works great and I think you’re going to have a blast :slight_smile:

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You sure you didn’t just sugar up, is hard time tell from pic



He probably got the idea when I explained what chromatography was to him back in 2016. At the time, I thought that’s how people where making THCA crystals (like how you are now getting crystals in your collection pot!). I didn’t know it was as easy as re-crystallizing crude.

But yeah he has a few journal articles about chromatography methods I printed off for him and he must have put two and two together. Not sure why it took everyone else so long haha. He’s a smart guy, just a huge asshole.

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I think it silica 60, his screen isnt fine enough



I just want to say i put my money where my mouth is. I know ive talked about group buying some of this stuff…

Well, i did just that. I signed up to be a distributor for Carbon Chemistry Products threw my stainless business and will be carrying their products starting with T-5, Silica Gel 60 and Their Molecular Sieve Bead. This is just an initial order and i plan to start carrying their whole line up sooner than later.

As promised…Im a man for the forums and helping put professional grade powders in all your hands. So i crunched the numbers and i think i will start to sell Carbon Chemistry Silica Gel 60 for $75 a KG shipped on a single KG, Better on bulk 2 and 5kg. purchases.

I will also do the T5 for forum members for $40 shipped per KG. Better deals on 2 and 5kg quantities.

This is almost Half price of what my competitors are charging right now.

I will be in California till Feb 20 but once i get back…hopefully my order will be waiting to help out!

Thanks to @Shadownaught for letting me do this for the community here! Thanks to @Future for setting this place up so like minded people can work on goals together.

Special thanks for @soxhlet @Dred_pirate @sonicgardens @Intergalactic @Kennyrhule @Waxplug1 and everyone else in this thread sharing tech and trying to level us all up! You guys are the bomb!



We come FROM the cannabis industry, not TO it for profit alone…making these products available is a passion, but requires partnership with great folks like you @Killa12345 to get er done.

Onward and upward.



Thats goods shit bud



Is anybody trying this with garbage trim? Like what would produce dark to black shatter?



I’ve got some material at home like that, 3 years old easily. @anon60420198

Its gonna be the first to get the treatment.



We’re working on lenticular disk elements, but I really like the idea of a tall cylinder like the first pic.

@Indofab think something like that with a 1um steel mesh around the side is possible?

Might be a killer upgrade for centrifuge extractors too. Media lined baskets.



I’ll one of the first to order :raised_hands:



Here is what I went from , real old trash trim . Using only a filter plate at the bottom of columns and whatman44 paper all this is from same material.



So I made this stuff with old untrimmed nugs that have been sitting in a uncontrolled environment inside of a bin or plastic tote for at least 15 months. Usually comes out dark as maple syrup and thick.

I ran a 4 by 48 column with a series of filter plates containing a few tablespoons of celite 545 and a few tablespoons of bleaching clay. 1 micron polyester felt filter media in the bottom of each filter plate. With another 1 micron polyester felt filter on top of each powder held in place with a 4 inch clip.

The Run came out tastier and smoother than I thought it would have. I’m actually hesitant to do a side-by-side as I hate to waste the work just to make something I know that will suck LOL.



Looks great!



Try .5 cup of t41 and .5 silca60. And a touch more .25 cup 545. Think you will have it licked



Nice, man. Yea as sonic said add a little bit more media and you’ll be there. Just do a side by side with the next one and not an unfiltered one.