Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.


Cant wait to see how it turns out, looks fantastic

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I poured it into the miner right after



So for the material you’re processing lately it seems like 1 part silica 60 to 2 parts t41 is the key to clear.

I’m trying to be sure I’m compiling this information correctly…




Suggest for an average amount of 200g you used 6lbs of solvent, without stalling in a dewax chamber and without an extended soak in your material chamber, which measured in at 3×6, at a temperature of between -85 and -105°C.

This single pass then travels through either a 3x6 column or filter stacks, at the processors discretion, containing, from top to bottom, an amount of .25 cups of Silica 60, and .5 cups of T41, a single time before being in it’s final ‘clear’ conditions.

So, in this scenario we’re looking at 12:1 solvent to material ratio, a 1:2 silica to t41 ratio, which for those without t41 on hand, but who do have t5 and ac ends up being 5 parts silica, 9 parts bentonite, and 1 part ac(remember to wash out fines if substituting).


You mention in this scenario only the material increased. Did you really use only 6lbs of solvent with this material? Based on our last scenario I’d say you ran approx. 800g in your 3x24 material column. If that is all accurate now the ratios are approx. 7:2 solvent to material and suggests .75 cups of filtration media can polish up to 800gs of material.



3x24 material chamber was 445 grams.
I put t41 .5 cups and silica .25 cups
6lb sovent.
I was able to pull almost everything.

That run turned out great

I was able to heat powders. First time i vacuum them.
I was able to reuse my powders with good results.
Second time i didnt vacuum. Just heat and mix with a spoon. And i have had good results so far.

I have reused the mix of t5 .5 cups, silica .25 cups and magnesol .5 cups.
So far so good. I will post pics of this last pour in a jar when its done

Im not about the t41 being the goto. Im worried that the ac in it will trap thca.
I believe t5 is the way to go. Just make sure you dont swap material columns unless you can keep your filter powders under negative pressure while you are switching to a new material column



Or a THCa mining method. Clean crude and then process for diamonds. Alternatively, run decarbed CBD crude and do a rough first crystallization with propane/butane, then recrystallization and wash in pentane.



So, after sitting around the EHO Color remediation threads for a minute it occurred to me I might be able to extract with EtOH, mix in celite, evap then load my 45g material column for my mini passive cls with the filter media arrangement topped with my celite full of compound and run that like I would material, maybe increase pressure by circulating room temperature water over my solvent tank(a tiny thing that fits about 1-1.5 can(s) of tane).

Any thoughts?



@CuriousChemist22 but if your going to use butane. Why not just use it from the start??

Sounds like an awesome experiment. So dry loading eho/Celite into an extractor.

I’m just wondering if the more polar solvent(ethanol) is picking up impurities that a hydrocarbon not picks up and how hard it’s gonna be able to remove those impurities after the fact.

It’s sounds like it can work. That’s why we are all experimenting.



Why dont you just filter before pull out the etho



@Kennyrhule- this is your tech brother and it worked magnificently!

@Dred_pirate- going to try your tech too brother , but as of now we are using Kenny’s tech - seems to be working great . Will keep you guys updated .

Any way to make my recovery and transfer from filter to chamber quicker . Having issues with speed … :confused:

Love and peace . Keep the hate out of this forum ! We can all learn something from one another !



My tech flows beautifully.

@Kennyrhule hit me up and I’ll help you with the flow



In the EHO thread I’m starting to think we may not be able to achieve clear crude with media alone. So this is my workaround for that, kinda combining the affordability and discretion of EHO production with the success and what’s available to me of BHO production.



@CuriousChemist22 If that’s your reasoning it would be safer for you to use pentane as opposed to butane.

Lower vapor pressure means you dont have to contorl the solvent temps as closely to keep the solvent a liquid, since the biggest hazard when working wi th butane is the explosion hazard.

Especially since your saying the equipment that makes it safe to work with butane is too suspicious to keep around.

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Are you using nitrogen push ??



I absolutely am.



After hearing how efficient and effective your system works i think it time to upgrade my equipment. And ditch the pump.

Had my main for 5 yr. And been adding more and more to it



Do you mind sharing the last stack/combo of powders and clays that got you that beautiful clear flow?



I do have a BVV passive mini closed loop I keep tucked away. So I was hoping that would be sufficient if used to wash crude instead of material. I guess like a ghetto CRC lol



Do you have more information on this? I didn’t know I could be at risk for crashing out THC during an inline dewax.

I’m running between 4-10:1 (4lb for trim, 6-10 for bud depending on quality)



Here’s from pharmer joe himself