Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



Figures it would be one of the canna geniuses @Photon_noir


Someones been paying attention to us. :wink: Keep up the hard work.


Now that’s what I like to see!


Hey buddy, so will you sell the first cart pre loaded? And does it come with the sinsitered gaskets will need


Im not an instagram guy my partner is,honestly this is something that we have been tossing around for a few years. Its just now that we started messing with it. Especially after the community needed a method to make a lighter colored bho. I am not trying to re invent anyones wheel here, I just provide an alternative solution.


yes, it comes with 2 sintered disks, one is welded in place at the bottom. No more leaky filter plates, absolutly no media can get through this. The biggest hazzard to doing this is working with the silicates, if they arent filtered properly they can end up in the product. Silicates are not good to inhale!


And looking at that slab. I bet if it was dewaxed for a few hours. That shit would be dead clear


Ok yeah dm me price or whatever u need to do when u do it…I’ll be getting the smaller 2" guy!

And I will support y’all on this, not even trying anywhere else


I cant wait till you have yours and you can show me what ive been missing with the dewaxer!


And the pvpp.


Ok so will this filter make it impossible to run fast and cold? Like you’ll need a separate 2nd stage dewax to do that?

I usually do 2-4um but this should be reasonably slower


Just push it with nitro


T 5 is mostly a filter aid, it can pull out some color but to do that its best to agitate a solution of it. t41 is the heavy pigment remidiator, and itll be fine for an end product, but if youre going for further distillate processing youll want to neutralize it.


I’m dumbass, pushing w nitro cryo solvent and jacket!

It’ll be great!

Thanks bro

Yep I’ll take one

Ur gonna be back ordered for while @Soxhlet hope you really ready for this!

Hell might even sell small batches of the media since y’all order in bulk! Ready to roll!


How much are the filter units your selling?


yeah, it runs a little slower but not by any crazy margin.


I want to keep the media I use open source, i only want to sell whats fair and square and put a physical object into your hands, not a consumable!


They vary based on the size/ connections. each one made coustom to your specs!


I was looking for just the spool with a welded sintered disk.
I’m looking for a 3" x 8" spoool.


With that said, Id love to save yall some money on the silica and bentonite used. good discounts only really come with larger media orders tho