Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



You have four inch columns, correct? I’m doing some numbers on packing a filter for each run.


yep, 4"


I just ordered some t-41, lets see how that goes when it arrives.


I think I’m going to use this weird press we have for carts. But for a 4" stack. Put a paper filter with the ring in (I’ll stage down to 1 micron (I would totally do that weird u, but I can’t find it on my phone)), press each absorbant in in layers and use it as a canister, of sorts. I’ll find a way to get a packer of sorts that fits evenly.


If you were using the top 25% of a 6" stack your were only using 1.5" and if that was more than enough for one run and it was saturated by about 2700~ g. I could use a 2" stack, which doesn’t give me a whole 2". Especially with the ring holding my filter. Which is perfect, sorta. I can press in the silica, magsil, and I am going to try the pvpp as well once it comes in.

This poses a problem for dewaxing though. Well, not problem, but flow and where everything goes. I would have to crack my dump valve through the regular filter stacks. And after that, have another filtration stack mounted to pass through and remediate the rest of the color.


Cool stuff.

I remember, awhile back, seeing someone on IG with a sight glass full of silica gel showing off color separations, Inline isocratic chromatography.


Damn @pangea! That sounds like an even cooler idea…stage the powdering in a sightglass so we can see all this happening and were the colors are going…shit. Thats an awesome idea as well…


I’ve gotten some of the nicest colored extracts I’ve ever had using celite545. It is just a hassle (especially since I was using it before I knew how to properly use and place filters), but I might decide to break it out again soon.


Thanks @Soxhlet and @Indofab this is awesome!! Many thanks for locking this down for us…


Im going to keep evolving the method, ill keep the community posted on what I find.


Much appreciated


when you say clear BHO tek, do you mean that you have this in line on your extractor and the crude is still in the hydrocarbon solvent?

Or do you just zip some winterized crude through this cartridge, presumably in ethanol and probably warm?

Also, have you calculated the approximate retention time in the cartridge i.e.void volume / flow rate? I imagine its pretty low since its a flow through device, but still a curiosity of mine.


In line during the run. With extract passing through in solvent.

Not alcohol, not dewaxed, and not warm.


cool thx


Thank You!!!


Curious to know has this been tested with a dewaxing spool or just a regular spool? Do you think that with this new tek one could eliminate the need for a dewaxing spool or would it still be more efficient to use a dewaxing spool before the cartridge.


The guy @Waxplug1 stated it’s easier to remove the color(target compounds) if u dewax first .


inline with the hydrocarbon extraction, easy peasy!


I run mine after the column.


Not exactly like I remembered but darn close. From August 2016, and from a pivotal community member: