Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



You dewaxing first?
Thanks @Soxhlet and @Indofab! Yall the best


Just running -70c solvent @60 psi




no dewaxing huh???


Nope, but i imagine it would make the resin look even better!


Waiting for a post dab taste report. Would really like to know if it has less terp taste after the filtration as compared to before. Even if so it would still be awesome for taking something that might be so dark it is not saleable and make it saleable


So update here, lets look inside the filter shall we!

This is under the top sintered disk.This layer is the silica gel 60.

This is the magsil, it seems to have captured the green and blue hues.

The t5 dosent seem to be that discolored, im going to try to run without t5 next.
My theroy here is that the silica 60 did most of the heavy work, and that is why the yellow color will eventully elute. Silica 60 might be able to be rewashed for this purpose, lord knows that $hit ain’t cheap!


Dick pills and Chinese CBD , sounds local convenient store


Why not the t5 first, with less. Then the silica after…?

Hoping it would take some of the brunt force rather than the silica and use less silica.


the t5 dident seem to stop the yellow colors.


Gotcha. No t5. Silica and magsil. I have pvpp on the way and will try that next


kool, let us know what you find.:popcorn: I want as maney people as possible to document their filtration experements here


I absolutely will. I have some celite in already. But I have a feeling that’s doing the same as the t5, but I will be testing with that once I get the pvpp and also a mixture of the compounds. I’m hoping a simple filter stack arrangement is all that’ll be needed.

Assuming dewaxing isn’t imperative


Im not sure how effective the celite 545 would be, Ill try that too I have a ton of it


I could throw it in the bottom of a run and just see what happens.


yeah, keep me posted bro! lets get this nailed down!


I’m on it like white on rice. I’ll definitely be sharing my findings


Have you tried T-41?


This is a good idea too as I thought t-41 is used with magsil


no, but i can try. I wanted to keep the ph in a reasonable range incase that changed the color.