Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



Ill pm you!


@BG305 said he would send you a case of both one from him and one from me…Consider that one done homie. PM me an safe address and ill have him buy it and ill put it on my fedex account.


Dude. You are rad for getting this done.

I have a 3x12 spool and filter stacks for it, do you figure it would work the same? And how tight do you press everything?


yeah, toss it in there. The big thing is retaining the filters through pressure swings. we have a v2 filter that will incorperate a bypass valve.


Isnt it a fairly straightforward process where your already introducing the pressure from the headspace with nitrogen and then just waiting for it to run thru the filter cake?
What causes the pressure fluctuations in your case?


when I go to remove the spent biomass from the column I first need to break the vacuum, when I break the vaccum it can cause the filter cake to crack and channel, this makes the filter less effictive.


This can be reused for multiple runs then? How much material was ran with this much media?


How many runs is the cake good for?


Oh I see now. Wouldn’t it be better to isolate it with a valve so we can reuse the filter cake a shit ton of times?


Im experementing with that factor now.


@Dred_pirate is quick. :grin:


we can build it anyway you please!:man_mechanic: :man_factory_worker:


I have already ordered everything, too


Everytime I order new pieces for my system it reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents would buy me Legos for christmas.
Triclamp pipes and fittings are truly like adult legos.


That’s what I figure. Valve off each side and pull vac from the bottom to keep filters pressed down and not let pressure swing.

Or smaller cake in filter stacks and renew each run…

I have multiple 4" plates.:thinking::thinking::thinking:


The smaller your filter the less runs you get. An interesting to know is that the color yellow will eventually eluite. The first column will give the clearest results.


Yeah, that’s a good idea maybe order two so when it’s time to swap out cakes we don’t have any down time. :bulb:


Might be able to elute the filter cake with fresh butane between runs and get a lab test done on what was removed.
But mostly to clean the filter for next use.


i got as many filter plates as a need and. Who can tell me what this is???


Does it move up and down? Like a press w jack to press