Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



The two pics were from the last two runs.


Do you know what your shatter typically tests at?


Depends on the starting material, I was hitting high 80’s with the tamissium but this was the first thing I had tested since the new rig. Part of the reason for the upgrade was the ability to get the material and solvent so cold, the tamissium gave me lots of trouble if chilled the material column much past -15 or so. I still have yet to run any material of any quality throug the new setup. It’s all been old outdoor trim and couple #’s of old indoor trim and popcorn I’ve had sitting around for months and just didn’t have time to run with the old setup.


Most of my well filtered ones have been 80s and up to 90 with cold solvent. Warm will definitely reduce your potency, for sure. If you were multi stage dewaxing after, then you could run room temp. But, room temp is just awful for that reason.


For some reason I believe doing a post D wax you gonna be losing potency due to thca binding with the waxes


Not as much if you stage it. Won’t have the time to drop out as easily.


Could you elaborate here or in the lipid/wax removal thread?


Gotta taste it before it goes out… quality control…


Killin it! :clap:


Man i ordered 3 cheap filter rings from ebay and the tolerances on them are so tight that you cant even fit them into a tube without holding them perfectly parallel to the tube and even then you still have to tap it into place working it side to side to move a mm at a time. dont even think about running a coffee filter around them. the one from bvv was smooth as butter and i could fit a coffee filter around it with the perfect snug.


Going to want to filter further than a coffee filter


Thanks again @Killa12345 practically everything was sourced from you to make this happen. This was my first run before my filter plates came in. I have filter plates meow and I think a little more t5 and Silica and less de. This run started at room temp and clogged so I submerged my solvent tank in a water bath and got the bath to 120f and got a beautiful end product that tasted amazing. This was probably the best tastIng concentrate I made and even tasted. I used 70/30 and my solvent tank only got up to 90 psi. It took 24 to 36 hrs to fully purge too. I let it sit for 8hrs In the collection chamber as I slept before transferring to my oven. I observed crystallization already and by the time it finished purging I had a sheet of crystals with pools of terps in the corners. I don’t think I’ll ever do another run with out powders and clays. #tidepodchallenge


What did you use for filter paper? Is that sugar or did you get powder in your collection pot? Looks a bit gritty on the sides of that pyrex. I did the same thing back in the scam thread…


Its fats i believe, had the same thing happen to me. It was cloudy and i let it get to room temp and it was clear.
That doesnt happen when i run cold


Did you end up getting a sintered disc? I’ve had two runs end up with powders in the collection pot, forcing me to process the runs further. There were no holes in any filter papers and everything was well packed. I think the sintered disc may be my only recourse.


What size filters


Double stacked filterpaper and it helped…


I run a 24um under the powders, followed by an 8um and then 2-2.5um.


And you still got powders? Dang. I’m going 25/8/1 and I haven’t had anything slip by


Magnesol is the finest powder at 5um, everything else is much larger and doesnt dissolve.