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Whose got the powders for sale


@Killa12345 has the powders


Running warm was a complete failure. My stuff turned out fatty.


What’d it look like?


Very cloudy in the freezer and jar. When i run cold it doesn’t do that. I know its not nucleation
Lesson learned


You trying to make diamonds with that?


I waz checking for waxes. I would have but it looked to cloudy. So i refiltered, going to slab it


Same here about 1" de packed into filter plate, stopped by whatmann 44 then attcahed to bottom of spool, other 2 powders dropped in, then biomass directly on top, packed in tight. Comes out as clear as i want, don’t have any bybass of the medias

solvent inject at 0° to 5°
4x24 2lb system


Yes mine is cloudy also, i have been winterizing after. I tried to run cold yesterday and what a mess. Had everying stall in the column for hours, i need to get together a nitrogen push


Running a filter will certianly slow the process, you boosting with n2?


Look pretty, but its very sappy. Guess im going to put it in a jar. Hopefully it will sugar. But 95% if what i run is sugar leaf


No I don’t. I just recently found out about it and tried to look into it but couldn’t find an detailed information about setting it up and my local extraction store doesn’t know.


My media does have something in it, not sure what but it was weighed the best i could upon removal, i am saving it for later.


Was it dried. Im sure there is stuff in it. And if running warm there might be more stuff in it


Yes this was a couple days old when i checked it


You guys running cold might be leaving more lipids/wax behind in your filter media than you think.


When i run everything at least -105 im not pulling that many fats. When i ran warm at room temp my jared tane looked clear. After i though it in the freezer it got cloudy. It wasnt nucleation.
I do the same thing cold and get no cloudyness.
It could just be how my system runs. But warm is not for me


So I did my first run and I did a warm attempt. My solvent was room temp and I slowly heated the tank up to 120f as I had a minor clogging issue. Final product has a yellow tint I think I didn’t use enough clay and used to much de. The taste is some of the smoothest stuff I ever tried and it tasted 100x better than what the trim smelled like. Powders and clays for life meow

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If you keep stirring that you will get some batter.


So I got some test results back from my first attempt at clear, solvent was room temp and the numbers are way lower than when I run everything cold. The last two attempts have resulted in the media passing the filters and ending up in my collection pot so I ended up winterizing after the fact. The first time I winterized I pulled almost 25% in white fatty garbage, the second time I only pulled 10% garbage out but it was my first attempt at running frozen material and cold solvent through the filter.

Edit: this is a pic of the same oil from the first pic, just done purging in the oven.