Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



I have a 4 in filter plate and 4x18 in column. Will the 4x18 be too big to use for the media? Got my media in and want to start playing.


I have alot of unused space in my powders column


So I’m on a rack. Should I go directly to the bottom of material column, or mount filter column on rack and run bottom of material to filter via hose?


I have some space also in the top of my stack. I also have it separate from my material column.


this was the media from the last run, the colors are pretty wild, there was a lot of blue in the T5.


I connect mine directly to my material column but i cant isolate my powders that way.


Is there any reason you would want to isolate the powders?


So i could keep neg pressure on them inbetween material columns.


How much DE are you guys using to help flow? I have terrible flow. And the pressure in my recovery pot is always around 5psi


I have found that celite slows my flow. Not help it


Damn I’m getting such terrible flow. My record time has almost halved.


Less celite or no celite will help


I’ve tried with just t5. What I’m noticing is my recovery pot is between 0-5 psi the whole time and my column will go up to 55psi.


How much material are you running? On a 5-6 # run I’m using about 55 g’s of DE. Its roughly 1" in my filter plate. I only weighed it for scientific calculations. :grin:


I’m doing 9pounds running 45 pounds of solvent through.


What size is your material column?



I’m using a 6”x48” column it goes into my filter column which is 4x10. My material column reduces to two inch to go into the filter column then reduces to two inche to go into the recovery. Do you thing the connections are causing the bottle next or is it the clay?


Post a pic so we can take a look. I’m having no flow issues but i am keeping my material column and filter stack 4". I have them connected by a 3/8" line and a 3/8" line to my collection.


Also i think your 4x10" filter stack is coming up short for a 6x48" material column. Do you have a 4x4 spool or 4x6 laying around?