Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



Sounds like your dewaxing and soaking at the same time. Hmmm
Then your pushing the rest of the tane cold?


I prefer stating temps, cold/subzero/cryo means different things for ppl


yes but cryo temps start at -238f so unless your running that cold don’t say your running cryo.


your running cold/subzero not cryo


I swear to god i was thinking the same thing with the “johnnyblaze” and “Backyard Boogie” as those are 2 phases i use all the time…Either @geber at one point lived in the ole gunshine state or sounds like he hangs out with some…LMAO.

Thats funny you were thinking the same thing @J12


We’ve been hollering about that Jonny blaze shit for better than two decades in the mitten…


the silicates make all the difference.


Winner Winner :100::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: I’m bumping it up slowly with better results and longer lasting filter stack. From bottom up, DE, Silica, T5 and Silica. T5 layer is getting smaller also every run.


Any chance you wanna share some numbers for your latest 5# run? I’m gonna be getting everything tomorrow


I did a purple punch run that was 20# 6oz. I think I’m going to be right around 2.2kg of concentrate. After its done purging i will total it out.


Thats 24% almost. Nice return


Yeah, not bad for loosing a lot due to color remediation. :grin:


What solvent your running?


60/40 or 70/30


N or iso



Ok i assume its ntane


Sorry bro i didint mean to stick a pickle up there…i didnt say it was cryo, i said on the way to cryo…so i guess i shoulda just said past subzero half way to cryo dadaddadaaaang


Haaa yes from the mitten for sure…johnblaze came out of the east with wu-tang…i think when i lived in cali for a few years i brought it down with me and spread the love of johnblaze haaaa…portland as well


a lot of people do it. wasn’t referring to just you. all good bud.