Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



What measurements did you use?


Holy crap cant believe it the same material.
Waz that a warm run or cold


Numbers broken down per pound would be;
Bottom to top:
60g celite545
100g t5
50g silica
300g b80


It waz cold, 45 min soak with dry ice chilled ntane


Ive processed this client’s material a few times and its good material only a couple days after cut and dried…flower looks good, trims good, smells good u know should come out good…but i would never smoke their product cause i know how ppl grow…been smokin/growing/consuming/processing for a long time…theres a reason that nice lookin fresh material comes out black haaaaaaaaa


Same on both, was it dewaxed. 45mins is quite a soak time


Oh and the measurement on that b80 was alot cause shit it pretty cheap and i have alot of it so j piled it on there haaa


It was about the same…i usually let soak for 30-60min to get around -50 or so


It also depends on whos material it is…if its some johnblaze shit it will be processed alil diffrent then if its some backyard boogie


You soak the material that long in tane?


I fill with half the solvent while everything continues to get cold…im thinkin about tryin hot n heavy like @bg305 i believe…the extra time it tskes to run thru the filtrate needs to be gained somewhere…Thats why i love this place and science…so many methods so many variables


So your material sits in tane for that long?
Did all your slabs come out dark before


The Snicklefritz


I saturate the mass with about half of the solvents volume while everything is going into cryo and the shittier the material the colder/longer i will take it and it comes out cleaner/bettr so it all depends u know quality in quality out

another client i process for that puts out some real johnblaze shit


Johnblaze? are you from Florida? :joy:


U shouldnt have to filter all that bs but its nice to know u can clean somethin up for ppl that only have access to that bs no filter…u know when u see that clear golden goodness ur like daaaamn this shitz gonna be fire haaaaaa


Haaaaa no…thats some old school shit…u young bucks prolly dont know…thats method mans shit


i’m just fucking around bud. the color looks great. Im 31 and all the wigger kids at my middle school wore that shit. haven’t herd that in a minute


The goldies are from my grow…i dont spray em burn em rape em infest em or nothin i just love em and care for em and raise em then ingest em haaaaaa but i have been processing/growing for a long time and have seen some crazy nasty shit out there and hope one day ppl wont have to smoke that shit


People need to stop saying cryo to sound cool. Cryo temps start at -238 so unless your at those temps stop saying cryo. it’s just really cold