Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.




thca crc blooms wild looking


I was hooking it up to my 5lb system and it’ll be trying the same numbers @BG305 posted not to long ago

400 g’s of silica, 500 g’s of T5 and 55 g’s of DE.

Unless someone has some updated numbers


Thank you I,m using a 2.5 column im going to use your measurements in 1/2 and go from there.


I thought he was was doing two runs with that. And more than 5lbs a run, too. I think.


His post said

Yesterday’s 5 # run numbers. Material weight is 5 #'s. I used 400 g’s of silica, 500 g’s of T5 and 55 g’s of DE.

Maybe I’m taking that wrong he does finish the post with

As soon as i finish the complete run of 18 #'s 10 oz i will shoot you the yield #'s.


No, your right. He only runs each 6lbs threw the filter once. But he runs multiple columns into his collection.


Hi guys! I’ve been doing some research on lose of yield through powders today and will be posting the finished information later tonight


Do you know if that is going for comple clear or a yellow tint?




What colors do you guys see in de and celite 545?


Nothing really.


Hey everybody long rkme listener first time caller haaaaa…but i usually dont see anyth in ng in the celite either


This is the the first run of gg4 for somebody



What are you guys seeing grab reds?


Thx to all u good ppl…u know who u are…

After the glg cleanup



I used 600g of t5 and my colour was good. Next run I did 700 and it looks darker. Both times I used loose powders so I don’t think channeling happens.


I believe the activated alumina grabs red


Oh, dang.