Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



some heat at the end. took about 8 or 9 days


oh for the crystallization? or the run? the run was done cold with no dewax.


Wow yeah that’s it… Looks like big dave or whatever they call it…chunking huge in days!

This is definitely doing something to clean it off bull crap for purity to Crystallize so fast and so big

I can’t wait till I get back in few days to check mine


I’ve used the media three separate times now, the first time was trying to make an old slab clear and though it did not succeed it did clean the run up immensely, I had to run the solvent through it twice and lost roughly 10% over all. The first run of solvent only yielded 7g of bright yellow unbelievably terps sauce and the second run of solvent yielded 38g of bright yellow super stable shatter with really good flavor. The next two runs came out clear but they seem almost flavorless. The starting material was all outdoor trim and popcorn from last year, all the same strain. The filter media also seems to do a better job of stripping the terps from solvent than my 13x sieve, it completely removes the garlic compost smell gmo inevitably leaves in my tane. Has anyone else experienced this kind of outright terp stripping?


How exactly does this work? I thought we needed our collection pot cold, so as to pull solvent from the column as well as keep it liquid.


@bg305 I have definitely seen handling when things are not packed properly, and or go in to fast. Looks like a hole going right through you powders. I use site glasses and haven’t been stacking plates, just a column.


Where are ya’ll getting your fine gaskets? I’ve got a 5um below the powders but would like to stick an additional 2.5um below that, simply can’t seem to find 2.5um gaskets though.


Paper filters, smallest gasket i found is 5um


N.b oler makes welded in filters down to 1 micron I have the 25 and 5 um and actually load my media right into them because they fit almost double what a filter stack does


Finally was able to get a run in after a ton of running around. Just using t5 and so far it looks like a nice honey colour and this stuff came out a dark amber before. Super pumped on it. Thanks guys


Whats the tech on the baby food shit looks so fire ive tried whipping and lettimg sit then repeat then i pit in oven at 60 for a day buy getting nothing that looks like that


Amazon, whatman paper filters. @Lemonade_dave i got you tomorrow my bro. Its a cold process, no heat is the trick.


May want to try for filter needs if you haven’t. They have a daunting selection.


What temp and pressure are you using for the diamonds? No cold crash? Killa you should quote me on miners if you’ve got them stocked


unfortunately, Even though i havent taken the cash from the customers yet…i have a list right now and the all the diamond miners i have coming in the next 2 orders are accounted for at the moment. sorry brother!

The only one thats not accounted for at the moment is the one i have set aside for my giveway going right now.


My powders get here on Thursday! I’m excited and can’t wait to post some clear slabs


People are goimg crazy for that texture let me know looks like rosin so flame


Yeah I’ve been wondering too!


I will do the show as soon as i pour. @Killa12345 im going to need to get another order doing here soon on miners. The 40 are full and the train don’t want to slow down. :bullettrain_front:


What powders are you going to use and what measurements?