Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



You should have viven it a second pass thru the filter media for good measure. :wink:


I would have but that’s probably why I had to rerun…

All my filter plates aren’t here yet, more on the way so I can do adequate


Beter safe than sorry


@Krative this is what grew in one of the miners. So from what i gather you have to de wax to grow diamonds? I wonder what would grow if i de waxed? :thinking:


Bigger and cleaner ones


This was made with used Celite ,silica,t5,magsil all recycled powered used once defore dewaxed and used about 1.5cups of the mix powders…the smells is amazing stronger than without filters only saw about a 10g loss no nitrogen assist but I can see how it will help the material was about 2 months old normally came out yellow


Really the only way to see this would be to set the powders up in a sight glass and observe the flow patterns. The rest are simply assumptions unless you have concrete evidence.



no dewax just ran cold


Those look delectable. What’s the sauce look like? Was it ran through this or ran normal


the diamonds came out clear but the terps had some yellow to them


This tech is wonderful for trim and older material. but i’m on the fence about fresh frozen. I have gotten good terps but not as good as when i run my regular way without the filter tech.


I like them with both when ran properly. All my dewaxed runs are coming out around mid 90’s. My standard runs it keeps them in the 80’s and up. I’m satisfied with the outcome. I may tone it down to just be very light slabs. But I also like as transparent as possible.


from my tests so far i’m just not sure the color is worth the change in terp profile. i ran the same strain with and without the filter tech and like the terps without it better. there both good i just think the ones without the filter are better. but to each there own.


Totally. I get what you mean. The terps are less powerful, to a degree. But I feel they are less stringent from all the plant flavenoids. I agree, they are less loud. But I have also pushed over 11% terps and they were better than without. Smoother and more balanced, if I had to describe it. I cough a lot less…


Same thing here, super smooth clean hit. Terp difference is barely noticeable


I too do it as a hobby and because I just love the plant and really enjoy making my own stuff. Much of us hobbyists are just lurking in the shadows as we’re not as smart or experienced as most of you guys doing huge runs daily.

I’ve read through this thread 3 times now, I feel I have enough info to get me started with experimenting once indo releases their CRC!

Keep it up guys, the shit you’re making is insane


Anyone ever notice any terp smell in there media? I wear a mask so I’ve never noticed personally.


Tane, no terp


Freaking wow did u use heat? How long did that take


His bigger jar was cold