Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



The silica looks like it did most the color work


Was it first in your line up. I noticed it grabbs yellows and greens


Yeah it was the first it ran through


First in the lineup takes the blunt of the sword. I use it 2nd, and it still does well


I’m new to this forum and have been watching this page for a long time. I’m running a 2# Icarus need help/and questions: where to place filter stack and/or can I use the bottom of dewax column to place filter material and what would be the ideal arrangement?


Depends are you going to dewax.
I ment stall in your dewax column


Bottom of your de wax would be a good place if your on the de wax team.


Sry im not completely convinced on room temp yet. But i will be trying it.


I’m running a bit between my DE and T5 as a precaution.


Bit of what, sry i dont follow






I currently do a no stall, no soak. No dewax( i dont have a dewax column)
I prepack my materials and freeze them on dry ice the night before. I chill my tane to -105f.

I attach my crc column under my material column.
Then i send my tane straight to my collection pot…

If i had a dewax column i would stall in dewax column then send through crc.
Less fats is better finish product


Awesome! Would it be beneficial to hold the filter media in place during solvent flow? Such as a perforated distribution plate adding continuous pressure to the media. Or do you think it would be good enough to just evenly pack the media in place with lots of force? Or both maybe?


On my 1 # rig i pack the material right on top of the filter media. The 4x48" columns are separated from my filter stack and i just have a screen gasket over the powder. I do ease into the run very slowly so that my powders get wet before i open up the flow.


I havent seen a difference in loose pack vs pressed packed powders


From what I’ve read so far on the topic, it seems like loosely packed powders/media can promote solvent channeling. Are you saying there is no difference in your experience?


Yes sir. I thought channeling was causing slight yellow color, but i no longer believe its channeling


Same here on the channeling. Has anyone actually seen channeling or is it an assumption to explain something that cannot be seen? Please give me some facts not opinions. :grin:


I reran the material in blue jars through several 2-4um plates concerned I had de in mix

Old ass trim…silica went in white come off dark brown yellow baby pooo

Got out the blue jars too