Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



My girl and friend alway say similar things. Wish you could taste this.
I gave found other ways to give me an idea about the quality and potency.


I think this may be where the pvpp comes into play, the wine guy on @Dred_pirate ig said they use it to clarify and stabilize…


Tester my bro. :grin: i give away lots of samples. The lab is really just to see cleanliness and THC %.


I have a bunch, ill though it in again and test that. But i believe pvpp works best stalled and agitated. I dont really have those abilities. But i could add it to the crc


I think I’ve noticed that, too.


To clear up something for buddy mine in UK…he’s having trouble finding t5… bleaching clay bentonite is not the same thing right?


Try loading it onto a stack of scrubbies ahead of the filter media so as your solution pools up waiting to go through the filter it will soak with the pvp.


That looks pretty pure


That’s the full wax diamonds @StoneD. you know the type of diamonds that burn black.

I love the Italicized text for sarcasm @Dred_pirate one of the greatest contributions to the site to date home…now everyone knows when were being sarcastic


Celite does that for me, if i load crc without celite my flow takes about 7 to 10 mins. But with it is about 20+


Flavor or color or both


I resently seen a facility post on ig that there dimond only tested at 93 something total cannabinoids. Not sure why it was so low

@StoneD From what i understand there are alot of versions of bentonite bleaching clays. T5 is one of them


Yep that’s what I was telling him, here’s having hard time finding there… Probably just need to order from usa


B80 might be called something different there


I wonder if the 7030 ntane was causing my glass stabitlity with the crc powders. It got soft when i started back to straight iso


I meant for extending pvpp exposure…


I think i would need a dewax column to proper test that, but in the meantime i will run it with my other powders in my crc with straight iso


Flavor. I think. But it was a couple strains that I wasn’t familiar with


It was late and light. But my stuff also started turning grapefruit pink. That part was cool but flavor wasnt. I took about a week to 10 days to turn. In a semi ooen environment. Stored on the counter in parchment


You’re not the only one doing this as a hobby, I work with sheet metal for my real job.