Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



How is it “better” if it’s clear.
For example
Everyone used to run as cold as possible, not pulling nearly as many fats, then dewaxing, to get a good colour product. M
Now it’s clear but full of fats and it’s suddenly better? Because we use 10$ in filtering media? Haha I know exactly where you guys are coming from. But at the same time.

More sales= more money.
Less retail cost= more sales.

So for you saying that it should sell more per gram to make more money, doesn’t add up to me. and saying that clear product is much better than non clear product even tho it’s not made as well, also doesn’t add up to me.


People pay for color my bro. Just look at the diamond market for reference.


This all only comes into play when talking about trim run, cheap product.


People also switch teams for colour. So if I gain 20% in sales from new customers a month. That means I make 5% more monthly than upping my prices 15%


Dude my sugar dimonds tested at 98+ with terp sauce. Substancial difference. Return % on making them sux even more


On a side note, this is what happens

when you try and run twice thru your filter media.


I have only been experiencing yield losses owf about 30% when using silica. When I don’t use it I have about 5% loss. I am still getting water clear with no silica or magnesol. The adsorbants don’t grab fats. However, even with the fats still there the shit crystallizes like no other. My terps are just a little thicker. I will be running cold and heating up before adsorbants column from now on.


@BG305 its all about the benjis :moneybag: and holding that title best in town


Im sure if that was the complete truth he wouldnt be doind r@d


cha ching


:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: There is no successful companies on this planet that do not do R&D. The only way i can have an employee do a job correctly is if i know the SOP fully. @Lemonade_dave gets it. :100: I’m not here for the smoke.


This is my job not a hobby. I grow and make concentrates. I donot partake in anything but caffeine and tobacco.
My wife tests all products thoroughly before it goes out the door.
I am constantly trying to provide a higher quality product. So for me, if its not water clear its a fail, but i learned some shit


Had someone try this and say it was the tastiest rosin batter they ever smoked. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It would probably test high too.


Light yellow is pretty, which is what happens to me after oxidation. Which is what i would love to figure out how to keep it all water clear


@sonicgardens you looking for the middle?


Nope clear terp sauce with clear dimonds/sugar dimond that donot oxidize in a week


Discontinued alumna due to pink oxidation and light odd taste. Seems to be in every alumina run. Cant pinpoint flavor yet


I will give it a shot today. I have 3 miners left of the 40 i started out with. :grin: i can pour some into a mason so we can see it mo betta.


I feel like I’m the only one here that does this is for a hobby. Nothing I do in this industry is really for business. Yeah. I do make a little money with the extractors and parts. But all my knowledge and testing is all going for this passion to make the absolute best concentrates in the world.
When you smoke 2-3g every day. You demand a certain quality standard. Testing results are like football stats. They don’t show the whole story.

I find it hard for the people that don’t smoke and that’s @bg305 too. To understand how good the products your making are.

I’ve been doing this for as long as I have cause it’s nearly impossible for someone to put the same effort into making concentrates as I do.

Edit. I really don’t have to sell extractors and parts either. I made some wise investment when I was younger that has me practically living on a fixed income. Yes, I’m only 40 and i like to make a bit more than my investments are paying out. But I don’t really have to work another day. The money that comes in monthly more than pays all the bills and has been since my mid 30s.

This is all a hobby and a passion of mine. Mine as well make a few bucks will helping others