Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.

Gel? Why the gel? Whyyyyyyyyyy

I had a texture like that a few times, usually when i recover too much tane for the pour. But it still crashes for me


Check out NB Oler SINTERED TRI-CLAMP FILTER much better then filter papers and aren’t too much

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I started researching bleaching clays, MagsilPR, and degumming agents in 2016 to combat pesticide residues that were managing to persist through distillation. From that I forged a relationship with Clariant to bring engineered clay to our industry, starting with T41 which was also branded as Cbleach for a bit. I kept digging through the available clays from Clariant to find a functionalized filtration media for the ethanol extraction community…T5.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think those research projects would play a part in what this thread has become!! We had anecdotal reports from customers that silica and carbon could be used in a BHO column but they told us to keep it quiet, and we did. Confidence and trust are valuable to Carbon Chemistry.

I’m so proud of every fucking one of you for pushing this technique waaay beyond anything that could have been googled. Look for butane chromatography…ain’t much there in literature, haha!

I started off open blasting but was one of the first people to make CLS shatter worth selling in dispos in the SF area, as Alpha Extracts(2013-2015). If sauce and CRC had existed back then…my life would have gone in a totally different direction. I’m stoked to be on this path with all of you, in this way, at this time.



Nevermind got it all to sugar. All is well in Rainbowp3nisLand 8==D~~:heart::heart::heart:

Much luv, bruv. Glad to be on this venture with you. It would be crazy if these were were introduced to the game years ago. Imagine how far we will go in the coming years.

I’ll message you more about the Portland class. We are going to do a Saturday class, as well as the Sunday. There are two days available now. We’re doing a live demonstration with a bizzybee jangle. And teaching about passive.


Ive been talking to Boris and our team has samples on the way for participants.

@Dred_pirate Cheers 'mano


Has anyone ran into issues running two columns through a single crc? I’m concerned about doing an n2 push on the first column and disturbing the media before the second column is injected. Was hoping to eliminate using 4 stacks per run because that’s a lot of clamps to put assemble and dissemble but also don’t want to run into any issues. Trying to make the process as efficient as possible.

Get both columns to inject and passing through the media at the same time, so that you push with nitrogen to clear the column around the same time and shouldn’t disturb your process. If you are able to, that is.


Unfortunately the ets Mep collection is very small and can’t hold that much solvent. I guess I can just have 8 sintered discs to save on cleaning and packing time.


I know exactly what you mean, then. I would try to recover as much as possible, not needing what you have left in the column, recover the column, and then inject the next.

If I would have known that you were running an ets I would have known my answer before I said it.


Running my material 2x with no jacket and not refreezing was bad idea… I’ll never wash twice again!

GD that’s tons fats/lipids

Do fats look like “Phish scales coca cola?”

This was room temp winterization…


fats will appear white, the C.R.C process does nothing for lipids. No matter how cold that you run butane, it will always pick up fats and waxes.
Can you get your solids that you’ve collected to melt? That add one more point to the wax theory.


I think washing same materials 2x didn’t help, it started to thaw I think

Another one those trying to save couple gs got 6gs fats

Thanks buddy!

This looks much better thanks to the ethanol save!


are you guys running room temp butane or cold?

You are wrong on this one. if your material is frozen and your tane is sub zero where are you picking up fats waxed and lipids?


Definitely pick up a whole lot less…but they are there


you lose big amounts of thca in the dewaxing process. if your material is frozen and your tane is -60 where are you picking up fats waxes and lipids?

I’m saying that they are soluble at room temp, and less and less soluble as the temp drops, but just like everyone’s favorite tryptamine will crash out with winterization because cold naphtha doesn’t like it, but it’s still there after all is crashed out

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So even at -40, hardly soluble but there

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