In search of a 10/12l spd.. whatcha got?

Hey all. I’m interested in scaling up my spd. Thinking of going 10/12l. Curious what people, and company’s might have up for grabs. I don’t need a pump, heater, or chiller, i would require everything else. I wanna be full bore. Let’s see what you have to offer a lone stiller like myself… feel free to post or dm. Thanks!

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We have our eco-series kits which are simpler and more cost effective (ignore old pic on website).
Our gemstone series kits are the top of the line with all the latest advancements. For example we include our pistol receiver, a baffled double wall cold trap, and the latest flange style head with this setup. Also includes extras for hot condenser tech like viton tubing, high temp barbs, etc.
Both kits are wide bore throughout and are on sale right now for 20% off as part of our 4/20 sale.
Please check them out here


I have a 20 liter ball ,mantle. Summit head. And pump for 2500


Can u send me pix? Thanks

thanks for replying! You’re systems are beautiful. It’d be a dream to run one. I’ll certainly consider if budget allows!!

Thanks I appreciate that! Checkout the eco-series kit. It is a really good price and on sale now so perfect time.

Summit sells the highest performance short path with more features and priced less than the competition. Our Techno-Heat mantles are the most advanced mantles on th market and offer a one touch recipe run software with analytics and predictable control for free.

When you gather your invoices. Come to me and let us show you the fastest speeds, the lowest temps, and the brightest colors with highest potency available.
Summit will beat those invoices and deliver more hear, and better hear for ever dollar you spend. We can offer your 12 liter in 55, 71, and 100mm flange systems. Tightest vacuum, and fastest laminar designs on market. Warranty that can’t be beat.

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Anything you get from summit comes with free ancillary preditivepredictive technology software that will help you master and run your process at a press of a button. Safest mantles on market with most agressive proprietary stirring as well as 1/10th Celsius calibrated nist certified accurate measurement on all zones on mantle and in head temps.


Ordered a 10l gemstone still from @goldleaf_scientific! Thanks for your communication, and assistance @goldleaf_scientific. Can’t wait to run one of your units.

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Hey all I want to update this thread. I plan to post more about my experience with @goldleaf_scientific once I gather my thoughts. Till then, I wanted to ask for some input from y’all please?

Has anyone ever received a piece of vacuum jacketed glass with an obvious imperfection on the jacket seal? Moreover, to have said manufacturer come back confused, saying the part was supposed to be “gnarly”?

I ask because all the vacuum jacket seals I’ve ever seen leave glass shops or factories have been perfect. I feel by design they should be, otherwise it’s a liability, right? Would you agree that said piece of glassware is unusable, and rendered dangerous to utilize in process? I appreciate any input from people. Thanks

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Hook it all up with no material. Pull a vac on it. If its stressed in anyway, the vac will make it know asap with an implosion.

Maybe include a picture of what your are talking about? They are worth 1000 words

If you want perfect seals, and amazing customer support with grade a glass sent to you, give me a call. I’ll even automate your setup for free.

Actually it’s temperature cycles that make risk of rupture. Glass can hold under vac for extended periods of time but once hot and cold you slowly enter the “danger zone”


The people I’m working with did reach out to you. Seems they weren’t important enough to follow up with for ya that day cus I’m sure we would have entertained your offer. Thanks for the afterthought though @spdking. Sure wish I was running something instead of floating here dead in the water.

Ain’t risking it broski. I like the look of my face too much to do that.


I have a feeling you might have been routed to the wrong Dept by accident.

You can send me your info and I can follow-up what and where your call went?

Too late now thanks tho

I got a head that had the seal stick out like 3/4" it was sharp, jagged, and delicate. Ran it a bunch of times without issue until one day I set the head down on the table; with the sealed vacuum barb facing downward and it broke off; and compromised the vacuum jacket.

I agree send a pic so we can see what your talking about!!!

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How about you bring that head to me and maybe we’ll give you a trade in value for it… :-). Just this one time for confidence of product …