In Need of Tolling Trim to crude in CA

Only California Extractors need to apply

We are looking to produce crude from trim. Ethanol Extraction only, need to filtered to 1-3micron

Our Biomass/Trim is around 13%

We need to know

  1. cost per lb?
  2. output Liters of crude per 1000lbs of biomas/trim?
  3. Potency %?

Please DM me


Please contact for more information related to your request.

Have you ever thought about including in-house extraction to your business model?

We see more and more of this in industries with shrinking margins on commodities like hemp.

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Geographically our location makes it impractical for ethanol extraction. That is why we are looking for a 3rd party lab willing to process our trim to crude.

3rd party lab Location needs to be in CA for trim


We have a Type 6 CO2 extraction facility in Southern California. We process very high quality refined crude. The CO2 crude is mixed with ethanol, winterized, centrifuged, supernatant filtered, and ethanol evaporated from the filtered solution. We can produce approximately 100 L of high quality refined crude (70-75% THC) per week.

  1. 1000 pound of 13% THC biomass yields approximately 70 L of refined crude
  2. The THC level in the refined crude is 70-75%
  3. Cost to process per kg of refined crude is $500