In Need of Resources

hi guys. i just started in a lab as a distillation tech with eyes on becoming the operator. i know i need to learn more to impress the boss enough to allow it. if yall could point in the right direction, itd be really appreciated.

That magnifying glass up there in the upper right hand corner is your key to every resource that this website has to offer. Just put in your search terms, and read away. Start with generalities, and then get more into the nitty gritty details for processes you wish to implement. Some people might take the time to post some stuff up, but maybe not because the information is all here already. Welcome to the Future, and if you have questions on any specifics after reading up on it that’s the best time to make a thread. But you found the right place for resources. Anything you ever wanted to know is probably here, to include the things you don’t know you need to know yet!


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Here is a good start


Ure already here thats the first step.

First just try to keep up day to day and you will see whats important to the community.

Next try to add to the conversation with ur ninja moves and prepare to get torn down before u can build yourself back up :black_heart:


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Hey I was wondering if you would know what the charge fee per lb to turn 1000 lbs of thc trim into distillate from a licience laboratory in California