In need Of low budget spd.

It’s all seems to be pay and pray so I would rather someone with more knowledge than me to show me the way to the gold. Can some one point me to a 2l spd kit. Low budget. Total newb, but reading everything.

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talk to @david on here or find him on ebay. He will get you the best bang for you buck!


pls sent to me email.


Glad to see you posing again @david. Post some new cool stuff man


Thanks @Killa12345. We @david are speaking now.


We have some really good deals going right now

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He will do you right! Go full bore!


Dmed need more info on full bore. .

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I’ll give u more info in a bit I’m driving

Full bore eliminates gl vac fittings and rubber hosing.
GL fittings will leak to a extent. Almost always.
Also rubber hosing hurts your vac depth as well.

So full bore is everything is hard piped together. And with vac grease on the fittings it can reach very low depths. Lower vac = lower temp to distill = better color.

You also have the perk of not cross contaminated your flasks. Sometimes on a cow you can get heads into your mains. Or mains into heads. Or tails into mains etc.

So if you decide to go full bore you will need.
The kit. You don’t need 2 cold traps. I only use one. Just get the bigger size cold trap he makes.

Also you will need extra flasks for heads and tails. I tend to get a size over what I need for room for growth. Hate buying and then rebuying when I outgrow.