In need of dry ice (Maine) Tomorrow 6/4/2022

In desperate need of 120# minimum of dry ice… Hoping someone will have 200# give or take. Can drive to you early or later in the day, whatever works for you. Located in Somerset county, can drive anywhere to you.

Unless air gas is open you’re probably out of luck until Monday

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@Codemanmakeshash prolly has 300lbs… I need some too. Let’s eat the rich.

All jokes aside vessel services in Portland opens tommorow. They might have some leftovers.

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Already blew through 500 since Thursday :weary: waiting on cannagas monday


Go to vessel in Portland. They’re open probably half day.
Edit. They were and are now open Saturday.

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I Appreciate everyones input. :pray::beers:

Maine oxy in Waterville has dry ice, not sure how much they keep on hand but they’ll definitely have some

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Maine OXY, Matheson, Getchels, all closed on weekends.

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Cannagas can deliver dry ice right to your door :snowflake:

Unfortunately they only deliver Tuesday and Thursday. I work 3 hours from where my setup is. Only come home on the weekends to try and run.

@Cannagrower207 I Know we are late on replying. where you located?
Hydro Kingz is based out of Riverside Ca. if ever in need for Dry Ice or Solvent please contact us IG @HydroKingz2022