In need of CBD

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Hello all! I am located in southern california and I am in need of CBD Isolate. It is not something that I process myself and is not my field of expertise. My step father has cancer and uses CBD in order alleviate certain symptoms from his treatments. He currently buys a CBD mix at a rate of $225 for 3 grams. Being in the industry, I understand that wholesale and retail are vastly different markets. With that being said… it is getting expensive. With him being out of work and paying for medication, it is taking a toll. I need a way to get him 3-5g per month (or bulk buy a years worth of isolate) at a much more affordable rate.

If any of you have wholesale deals or know where I can obtain this cheaper, please contact me through the built in messaging system. Thank you!


how much you need brother

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Only need 3-5g a month. Just not trying to overpay.

you in so cal?

Yeah. Around LA.

same we can work something out

There is a local, veteran owned, CBD extraction company in boulder called extract labs. They ship their stuff to all 50 States with very competitive prices and great quality. I highly recommend them, it’s under $20 a gram for isolate.

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I only have experience with a place called CBDistillery based out of Colorado. They’ve been around a while, and run by good people. This isn’t an endorsement, just personal experience

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I’d like to grab a few 100 grams just for personal and for my girls migraines would that be possible

I have about 20-25g i can part with if your interested, im in LA


Please email me,
I’ll send you product overnight for much cheaper than what you’re paying. Please check us out. Happy to help!

hello, about cbd isolate 99% , we can offer 5500usd/kg - 6000usd/kg, hes 's not looking for that much as it says in the post stop spamming your prices

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Think they raised theyre prices isolate is 25 wholesale 30 a g and “shatter” and “crumble” are 50 a g

Ill have some CBD disty from my cherrywine plants after this years fall harvest, if u still needed some from a more local person, ill have some to spare

Ya absolutely I just want personal and just haven’t been able to bring my self to buy a kilo to be able to get a decent price

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Visist our website

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