Improving plant health via mechanostimulation (mechanical vibration)

Folks, I am new here. 3 years ago, I coughed up blood and was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. During my battel, I took FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) to help. During my darkest Chemo days, I had an epiphany… what if I could mechanically vibrate my medicine (cannabis) with my heartbeat for a plant to grower bond like never before.

I did just that. 2.5 years and 5 prototypes later, the Ganjagrid Plant Vibration Trainer is released. After seeing a difference in growth during a side by side test, I found scientific test results on species other than cannabis. My latest test results showed a 10% increase in cannabinoid content.

So I quit my 6 figure job at John Deere to go after this in case the cancer comes back.

Please don’t bash this as broscience or say… my fan oscillating fan does the same thing… or… I just put a speaker in my grow room and it does the same thing. This is not true. My device resonates the aluminum scrog for WHOLE PLANT VIBRATION.

I have designed this for indoor growers and it improves seed germination, speeds up rooting, shorter, fatter, faster and doubles as a drying rack. My customers love the improved health of not only their plants, but of themselves now that they are able to further bond with their crop.

Now… the holy grail for me is to find certain sound profiles that will work to deter pests or stop them from mating. Imagine being able to identify spider mites in your grow and simply pull down a sound file from a sound library that you can then send to your plants. Working on that one!

Anyone that has info or wants to collaborate with me on my quest to organically improve plant health and create bonds like never before, please comment or reach out. I am looking for open minded individuals that are willing to take a ride like never before.

The scientific terms are thigmopriming and thigmomorphogenesis.

Glenn Holland
CEO of THCX (The Human ConneXion)
Inventor of Ganjagrid Plant Vibration Trainer

Mechanostimulation - Published.pdf (908.2 KB) Ganjagrid PVT Configuration Methods.pdf (144.8 KB) Ganjagrid PVT FAQ.pdf (89.6 KB) Ganjagrid PVT Features and Benefits.pdf (163.9 KB) Why You Need The Ganjagrid PVT.pdf (119.9 KB)


Resonance frequency

I’d just put a subwoofer in there and play (on a loop) the frequency you desire. I used be be HUGE into sound competitions. I had a $20,000 system in my car. Shit, my kicker soloX 12" square sub pounded like no other. I took 1st or 2nd in every comp I entered in. 42hz on a loop was what my system was tuned for.


Understood… one of the benefits of my device is that you can turn off the external speakers and still vibrate the plants without the airborne sounds so it can be relatively silent. Thanks for the comment.

The idea seems sound. He he, get it? Reminds me of reading about Japanese buds in High Times back in the 90’s that were exposed to electromagnetic stimulation to vibrate on a cellular level. They said it provided similar, yet more pronounced gains compared to stimulation via wind or sound.

I like the aluminum scrog nets. They would be nice even without sound functionality. It seems like this would be effective, as it combines sonic stimulation, along with direct physical vibration from plants being supported by the net.

@Ganjagrid, you may be venturing past the realm of science and into psudoscience with the idea of bonding with the plants, but I don’t care. I’d like to believe we as living beings are connected in ways we can’t imagine, so why not? I’ve long believed that plants not only have some uncomprehensible consciousness, but memories as well. Who knows? Even if there’s no merit to the idea, it is still worth exploring, if only for spiritual expansion. End star child rant.


Having been a professional grower and large scale indoor, grn house, and outdoor grow consultant for alot of years now I would have to most definently say kudos man. Every grow I go to i can 99% of the time pick up on something that’s not optimally setup for high yeild sanitary growing and very very rarely do I get inspired by any new techniques that people are trying because I have seen and or rnd’d many things over the years. In my CGE rooms i have a special binarial vibration beats cd that i put together that i call sound of plants. Works similar because of wave vibration of air molecules but you’ve gone one step farther and hooked vibrational healing directly to plants. Totally understand how this makes plants stronger and more girthy. The answer to bugs by sound vibrational frequency is a interesting theory also that is possible i think. Have you thought about puting a coating of some sort on the aluminium mesh so the metal doesnt touch tissue of the plants? Just a thought. Another very interesting thing that i have yet to RnD is magnets under the fabric pots. Great stuff man. Keep it green.


Thanks. I take pride in what I have created and want to share beyond cannabis, but to food production on a whole.

It’s simple CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) is not complete without bringing vibration into the mix.

This device is a WHOLE plant vibratory. Fans and airborne sound only hit the canopy. This device stimulates the roots as well.

We are teeing up a 3rd party testing facility to get the naysayers believing in what is true.

Thanks again!

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I have been growing in che rooms for over 15 years because they give growers the ability to think outside the box and come up with ways to improve overall plant heath and production. Thanks for doing it right!!

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