Improved Buchi THC remediation SOP for sale

THC remediation SOP currently used on Buchi systems. Fully organic. 0.02LOQ 80% yield contact for training or sale. Buchi gave me their method and it worked down to 0.2 thc and gave 55% yield.


Why would you sell an SOP, nevermind one you didn’t even develop @THCremediation? Any chromo company has a standard SOP they provide, which largely is a joke. We know from experience. Success rate is 25% at best, plus yield is trash.
If you have evidence to demonstrate the contrary please do. Just looking out here for everybody, including yourself.


I have COAs and clients to verify. I am not selling sop from buchi. I’m saying sop from buchi is a joke. I had to optimize everything and it’s not even close to the same… did you really think I’m selling the buchi SOP??

@THCremediation Yes you said that before you just edited your post. Perhaps your wording was just off. Either way, would love to see some before and after results following material through the process. Plz do share.

Never edited post… and yes I can share

When you say Organic, are you saying your SOP can use USDA organic Solvents? @THCremediation

I can vouch for @THCremediation process. I have spent time fixing his equipment and helping him with any ideas he has. Together we have gotten as low as non-detect with 0.02 LOQ and his limit for THC for each liter is below 0.08% T. He consistently gets 80% yield with every run. This is a very efficient group and knows what they are doing.

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We are certified usda organic so yes all solvents are certified organic.

Highly confusing post given the 55% yield comment and no mention of flash or hplc - just Buchi SOP. I can vouch for that yield range in terms of generic flash chromo SOP’s. I can also vouch for that yield range @anon93688 you just mentioned above with a more refined method
Developing a robust and repeatable method, however, is an entirely different endeavor if you want to hit ND every time on an industrial scale and at the strictest industry standard LOQ.
I commend the two of you for achieving those results even once.
I disagree with selling this SOP on this platform, without a disclaimer of the inherent risk.

Still interested in providing sop and training?