Im Looking for CBD Isolate Powder 99%


We need 500kg CBD isolate powder.
No Lead
No Metal
We cannot buy any cbd with those 2 components.
contact me at +1 213-349-2760


You say your in GA but your contact number is LA


and how is that a problem ?


If you did not get this filled let me know as we can fill it asap.


it means he thinks ur a broker and probably a headache because of it


Been watching this forum for a while, just made an account. Looking for 100 cbd iso per week contracted. POF avail, need good tickets, not sure how limited I am as far as messages, thank you everyone for always being so helpful on this forum.


This guy is just price shopping. Seen this kind many times before in the industry. BUYER BEWARE!


We can supply. let me know.