I'm looking for a lab to crystalise CBG

Hi, i’m working in Europe and I’m looking for a laboratory to extract and / or crystallize CBG drysift, contact me in DM please, thanks you

So you have drysift and want it made into isolate ?
How much and wich country ? Is the drysift
Can you send a picture ?
How CBG rich is this drysift ?
Because the euro accepted cbg strain
Santina only produces 10-15 % cbg concentrates ?


As a tolling service? As in you have drysift and you need a lab to extract it for you? And you want isolate back?

Yes i have communicated with @MasterG
What he has is the European strain santica 70 wich will (suppose) give a 20-30%. Cbg extract
I am afraid this is not enough to get to
Cristelizing concentrations treu distillation and that some chroma will be neccesary
Hence my question can cbg be isolated treu distillation a few weeks back

It can be yes treat as you would cbd for drop out