If you run a Capna, here's a little mod I found for the hose problem

I know, I know, not a lot of love for Capna around here. But if you use one, you’ve probably been irked by the fact that the main biomass loading lid won’t stay open, the hose kinks, and the unit needs to be about 8" off the wall in order to clear the hose. The operator’s manual even warns you not to open the lid entirely, which is a poor solution for a design problem.

All of those problems can be fixed with this little procedure. It will take 15 minutes and cost you about $220 in total - easy money to justify if you can be even marginally less annoyed with your machine.

First, get yourself a couple of these 90 degree elbows. They are available online from these guys : https://www.greenlinehose.com/buy/product/0595ss-12-12/16648

Or if you have a Pirtek franchise in your town, you can walk in and buy them off the shelf. Ask for 595 stainless 12-12 elbows. Expect to pay about a hundred bucks each.

The big braided hose that comes out of the top of the loading lid has to be removed at both ends, and the elbows attached to the fittings where it was removed. The elbow that you add to the back should angle down by about 20 degrees to the left as you view the machine from the front. The top one should be attached facing left so that it just clears the front of the small vacuum line that also comes out of the top of the lid. It needs to then cross behind the vacuum gauge stand below where the small tube exits the rear of the stand. I’ve attached a couple of photos showing the positioning. Straight-out positioning won’t work, it has to be at the angles shown to function properly.

Tighten everything up and you’re good to go. It took a little fiddling with mine, but the result is zero kinking of the wash hose and a lid that stays up without a bungee cord.

capna mod 1