If you need a c1d1 lab container hit me up

We have really great prices on indoor and outdoor C1D1 lab boxes/enclosures.

Just did a sweet install in Boston along with our smaller centrifuge designed for rec weed.


Are those rivets?

This is an indoor install. I wasn’t there but have seen the booths. I don’t think they are rivets. I think they are bolts.

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What’s the cost on one of these and what’s the interior height

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Shoot me a dm with an email and I’ll get all the models and pricing for you

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This is our smaller automated ethanol extraction unit that is going inside that particular lab.

Now all I’m wondering is which one of them is extractionguy



Hey I am looking for something similar to be installed in Canada. Do you have a system which doesnt need the roof. Whats the per sqft rate on these?

Looking for your c1d1 room information and pricing. Can you email to: onvinhtan@gmail.com.
Greatly appreciated

None of the above. I’m too ugly for pics

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Shoot me a dm with a name and email and I’ll send over info and pricing.

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Lets talk, DM me an email and we can talk Canadian Installation potential.

hello, can we chat about a c1d1 extraction room please


Greetings. Please forward your pricing and sizes for Extraction boost to sean@savitanaturalscbd.com