Ice Water Extraction of decarbed flower?

So very sorry if ice water extraction Isn’t appropriate or widely discussed, but at my own risk of the banhammer:

IWE of decarbed material: insanity or increased output? Or something in between? Anyone ever try this?



both the concept of being banned & making bubble hash with decarbed flower?!?

why would you do that? why do you think it might yield more?


It is possible to perform a mechanical seporation of decarbed material. I don’t think the yeild would be any better, perhaps worse.
No one gets banned over a question, only people that constantly violate the sites policies.


i imagine youre talking ice water extraction with bubble bags, are you after kief? what is the end product?

didn’t we just institute a policy where repeatedly asking

“…hey buddy, you wanna buy some CBD?”

will get you banned :wink:

I can see trying to salvage material that may have been decarbed (bubble hash would not be my goto) but I can’t see deliberately decarbing before making bubble hash being a productive innovation.

good bubble is about collecting the the undamaged trichome heads.
decarb your starting material, and many of the delicious terpenes formerly contained within will be gone…


So what they are trying to explain is when you decarb something your taking away from the material, removing the carbs… Equals less weight, to decarb requires really high temps too, and like @cyclopath had just said, your terpenes will go too…

You be best to just process this material before decarb… If your making edibles would probably be the only reason I would decarb also, it activates it so that it can be ate or sometimes Vaped easier…

Good luck … And anything to do with extraction and the process there of is more than welcome here…

I’m sure every person here has owned set bubble bags at some point or another!


Thank you all. I was contemplating for the sake of making edibles, certainly; I appreciate all of the input, you are all awesome. Definitely aware of the carboxyl grouping removed during decarboxylation, and the nature of the compound thereafter, I was simply curious if anyone was crazy enough to try a wet run on cooked material. Lol. Sounds sloppy, but yea, wondering if it would be a more effective way to gather decarbed oil for edible making.

I’d probably end up performing my for-dab extracts on the bubble bag and utilizing ethanol extraction and distillation for edibles.

As in, “I’m going to the trouble of making fresh frozen bubble hash, and I want to make sure it’s food grade when I’m done…”?

Ok, I guess we could consider banning you for abuse of flowers :slight_smile:


I can think of no benefit from making hash out of decarbed material. I can’t think of a strong argument that it would harm yeild but it certainly will harm flavor and effect of the final product.

When I’m thinking about trying something new I ask myself “have I seen anyone else doing this?” If the answer is no I ask “why not?” 99 times out of 100 it’s because it’s a terrible idea. 1 time out of 100 it’s because I’m being innovative. In this case not only have I never seen anyone do this and I cannot think of any benefits. I can think a good handful of drawbacks, however. It’s up to you if you want to try but it’s not something I would do, if that matter to you. :slight_smile:

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