Ice extract bags. What's everyone using?

There are so many bags to choose from,
What do you use? I was thinking the bubble bag dude price seems very reasonable.


375$ is over priced for something that’s probably going to last maybe 300 uses

Way more than 300 uses. I have some Original BubbleBag from 10 years ago, I agree tho, over priced, but they are strong, the only kit that last me that long. I now buy random brand and I take a new bag for each batch

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I use the elcheapo bags on ebay. Use them 10x ot until they get messed up, throw out and use a new one.

I use the full mess bags.

If I am only going to be doing 2 oz at a time, can I still use 5 gallon bags? For 2 oz?

I would use the 1 gal bags

Funny that you said that, I was looking at these, but where do I find a bucket for 1 gallon bags? Got a link?

No bucket needed with 2oz and 1 gallon bags lol take a 5 gallons bucket half full of water and ask someone to hold the bag when you pour the water in it

Lowes and HD sells 1 gallon buckets

I got some designed because they were just too expensive everywhere else. Turned out real nice and better quality than what I was seeing out there.

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