i502 Alcohol Extraction labs....

Any one in WA doing large scale alcohol extractions in the 502 market? I’m building my lab, and am wondering what I can get away with, specifically regarding the reactor/centrifuge equipment. Currently in 503 I use bucket tech and and a panda. I know this won’t fly with the WSLCB.

What equipment do you guys use for wash/centrifuge?


I use a panda in WA and nobody has said anything so far. I imagine the FD eventually will. LCB does not approve anything about your process. Only requirement if you have an extractor using pressure you need a boilermaker cert. Looking for an alternative that doesn’t cost a huge amount or take up a lot of space.

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Love pushing your stuff at our shop. Super clean product with no complaints. Allows me to explain what EHO is and why it’s a good alt

Thank you. What city are you folks out of?