I think we need to start a list of scammers

We should start by putting right at top if the message board…pin it there…save everyone the hassle of being screwed by scammers.

I also think if we are a true “community” we could put up a spot where we try and help people that have been screwed by the thieves in this business. If people that are honest and good people…we can check them out…and try to help…
Not only with knowledge…but resources etc…kind of like a take off on the gofundme idea

We always talk about changing lives etc…maybe we make 2019…there year of pulling your fellow friend up.

Just a thought


This is a very mutual feeling a large majority of our community shares. A separate site dedicated to sales / vending (think craigslist, with a focus on verified vendors) is in the works so future4200.com can be 100% community, science, and learning (how it should be imo)


Good idea. Some dude just took me for $500.00. Some cat from Florida…wtf knows where he is…