I re-ran some bad wax and made THCa isolate. Why?

So long story short. I had to re-run some wax, because I had a filter blow and leave small bits of viton in my product. I re-dissolved the wax in propane, and kept dumping more solvent over it until it was completely dissolved. To my surprise I found a very powdery form of THCa in my column filter along with my viton bits I wax trying to filter. Disclaimer… I almost clogged my column with hash…no bueno… I may recommend putting some sorta barrier/surface area before loading your product to spread out the hash during the extraction so it wont clog. Needless to say I was wondering if anyone else has every done this, and just maybe someone has done it in a safer way avoid column clogging! Thanks again! Any feedback (positive or negative) will be greatly appreciated.

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Every time I rerun hash/concentrate, I slather it in a micron sock, wrap it up, and toss it into the extraction column. Usually don’t have any clogging problems with that method.


It wasn’t made, it was washed out of the concentrate. The wax must of started crystallizing before re-running and left you what didn’t dissolve on the filters which is clean crystalline THCa. I’ve done a considerable amount of cold and warm washes on crystal for either recrystallizing or cleaning purposes.


Thanks for the info terlord420! Have you ever found isolate in your sock? Which hydrocarbons do you run?

Thanks for the response Hairetsu, and forgive me for my grammar. “Made” implies a lot more cool things happened that actually didn’t.

I think your “wash” description was more accurate. That was my best guess as well for the THCa left behind. Unfortunately the THCa was riddled with viton bits… so I disposed of the product. I also found super buddery product dissolved almost entirely, and the “waxier” or dry crumbly product left behind more THCa in the column. So this supports that theory.

I did want to ask you one question though if you don’t mind? You say you’ve done cold and warm hydrocarbon washes on THCa, and I was wondering what hydrocarbons you preferred warm vs cold?

I like the cold propane and butane injection myself, but due to the regulations here where I’m at they won’t let me play with much else.

Thanks again homie:+1:

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