I need CAT 3 non detect trim.. LOADS of it.

I am procuring trim around the clock for our licensed facility in Santa Rosa CA. I need thousands of lbs a month to keep our machines fed and need as much help as I can get tracking it down. We have a tiered pricing system in place but we are extending our budget to stay competitive in the market. Any leads are greatly appreciated.

I have just the thing your looking for we have 3000 fresh frozen 150 per lb a unit for 100k units clean trim.
also a pugh to contract for ten thousand a month.
all cat 3

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Email me to MajorMerger777@gmail.com
Call 949-343-6561

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Will do. On a flight but I’ll be landing shortly

You got what you want already, if not then contact Anderson Jeffery he can help you better with that
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