I need cartridges in bulk

I am looking for around 60k cartridges at a 8-9$ each range


That’s a nice $500k order. I need to chill at your clubs. I’m hanging out in the wrong place


Got them

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I need them to be tko cartridges

Forgive me but what is tko cartridges?

“Total knock out” it is a brand that has an mma looking design. Deffo a bm brand


Amigo Liberty V9 Tank Ceramic Coils. No leaks after ten refills. Tastes as good as new after several refills. No spitbacks. No darkening.



So you are looking to buy bulk knock off of a certain brand cartridge? I imagine this is a black market deal?

Good chance it is. Tkos were half grams and I think made of plastic if I remember correctly. I wouldnt do this deal even if I already had the packaging/carts for that brand on hand. Brokers that look for the cheapest plastic carts usually come back to haunt you.


I’m not some black market witch Hunter here but why the fuck would any of us want to produce a knockoff of a shitty ass cart. Is it some pocket market location in a prohibition state that is addicted to crap tko carts and no other brand will sell there? Lol


He most likely has a set of distributors used to it in a college town in the southeast. Usually that’s the case


half gram or full gram

Contact me 7474774203

Either half or full would work and it’s trending every one has been wanting those for some reason but yes I have distributors

Hello. Contact us 8318846915. Have TKOs. Where do u need it tobe?

Hello, we are factory in Shenzhen China mainly produce the cartridges and batteries for CBD THC oil, pls add my whatsapp for further talk: Candy Huang +86 13632845460 email: candy@generalvape.net

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More chineese branded “fluff” just to sell a cart.

I bet I can fill a “fluff” cart with urine and you sheeple couldnt care less.

Same reason why I get beat up on my bulk disty prices here in Michigan. They can get all of California failed disty for 7k a liter vs 9800 for a clean one.


Cali dirty Disty is $5-5,000 and clean is in the 6k ballpark. But I feel you pain my bro.


This whole topic is exactly what’s wrong on the east coast rn. It really makes me sick that people actually looking for dirty shit they have no clue whats in it. I get asked for tko all the time in philly by clueless people.


I’ve never seen them so I googled them and the first thing in google is an article about how the knock offs are more popular than the real ones lol

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