I need 1 kilo of CBD local pickup southern oregon

My father in law is dying of MS his cognitive abilities are declining . He is slurring his words (not under the influence ) , forgetting things , and the sores from always being in the same position are getting really bad . He got a new expensive adjustable wheel chair to relieve the pressure points and he can’t even remember to do it things are going downhill fast. I have cash in hand and am not looking for any handouts or donations . Price is irrelevant i just want to be able to help people in my family who are willing to try CBD . I have many people besides my father in law who use CBD for medicine . Thanks everyone ! Sorry if this post is in the wrong category please move if so i do not do much hemp stuff on here


God bless. I hope someone can give you what you need :heart:


@Izambard_K_Brunel thanks brother it means a lot . The support from everyone on here is amazing . We are a real community i have made so many friends here .

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Dm me or call

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DM me.

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Sending good thoughts for you and your family. Wish I was in a position to help, but thankfully, this comminity is full of some truly amazing gems!


Look in the “Hemp Outlet” section of the forum. There are verified hemp slangers that are verified to sell product.

Others, if you want to DM him for any good leads, feel free—but the forum recommends that you buy through verified slangers.


I was just looking for some verified slangers to reach out because local pickup is better for me. I have gotten some leads . So if any slangers in southern oregon would be willing to sell me some cbd isolate or distillate please reach out to me through dm !

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I’m a verified slanger.

Send me an address.

I’ll donate half a kg to you.

I know you don’t want to accept a donation but my mom died of brain cancer and my sister’s husband mom died of ms.

It would be an honor to donate this to your family.