I’m leaving this forum…

I won’t be posting on here anymore and I will be deleting my entire handle… I have multiple times tried to keep interactions between me and @Kingofthekush420 To a minimum… But he seems to like to follow me around and create drama because this form does not allow any type of blocking I do not find this form fit for my posting as all I do is create avenues for his drama… I’ve heard tons and tons of things about other interactions that are negative with him as well I cannot seem to do anything to change this so I will be leaving in an effort to pursue my business elsewhere without negative backlash from some individual who doesn’t like the fact that one time I asked him “what are you smoking” in a conversation about how benzene wasnt killing people it was cutting agents… he acts as a keyboard jockey… getting his rocks off because hed never stand a chance or say have the things he says in person.

I do not like being talked for, being told what my opinions are… have a troll make accusations or call out for things unnecessarily.

Sorry to everyone who refers to me for help, i will not be responding until one of two solutions are made. Either a blocking method. Or a way of separation to where both of us can not see the others interaction.


You can ignore people on this forum. @spdking and @Phase2Extraction are BOTH on my ignore list. It’s awesome not having to read their BS, and makes this forum much more enjoyable.


click on their profile, Under the Message link there is a button that says “normal” click it and chose either; Ignore or Muted.

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Is there somewhere else I can follow you?

you can block someone, choose ‘ignored’


Not enough guys… i try to make a post and he tries to take over with garbage. Either block or bust


It s a pitty but I wish you well godspeed​:pray::clap::pray:


Best of luck :v:


Damn… you gonna let that guy run you off?

Sad. Sticks and stones.


idk man I was reading your condenser thread sounded like he wasn’t trying to start anything just provide input. you were def right about the followers thing but eh, thats kind of the purpose of this place. Maybe there is a history but ultimately I hate to see anyone feel not welcomed hopefully you guys can work it out


Let’s actually recap what he’s mad about

Here’s some screen shots

Here’s his initial post

Here’s him talking shit

Here’s me replying to his concept

Here’s him getting booty tickled

Wtf did I do? You attacked me first twice before I even started talking shit

Youre being a little girl bro, you don’t need to be here if you get mad like this

I mean really who makes a thread to cry about leaving lmao

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To be fair, you do this crap. ^^^^^^^

You have some creepy library of screengrabs full of old bullshit. You also feel disrespected over practically nothing and talk a lot of trash about getting in people’s faces.

I’ve asked you personally in DMs multiple times what I did to warrant your attitude and got nothing in response. Makes me think you just feel the need to belittle people to make yourself feel better anytime you feel threatened.

I’m of the opinion if you weren’t so toxic you’d be an awesome guy.


would it kill one of you to DM the other and just try apologizing for losing your cool? seems like something that could be resolved easily by cool heads. doesn’t really matter who is right/wrong who started it. so many bigger things in the world. I bet one of you can put aside ego and take the high road here.


This reminds me of those posts people from high school make about deleting their Facebook. On Facebook.


Can you get @spdking to go with you


@BreakingDabs I have been reading your info for months and greatly appreciate all that you’ve given this community! It would be a shame to see you go. Now that you’ve brought this issue to light, I believe the users on this forum will protect you from assholes in the future by helping you get them out of the discussion.


Wow wtf. There has to he more to that then just that

I have learnt allot from both @BreakingDabs and @Kingofthekush420 , it is clear you both commit your lives to the cannabis community and leveling others up as a result. Always focus on what you have to give and share, you both have shared and strengthened this forum, the beefs are trivial in the greater end.


pours one out for @BreakingDabs. :v:t2:


I went and took screen shots to post on here to prove my point, not sure how that’s “creepy”