I have searched the search bar. Diamonds question

If as many ppl made bho as went to a gym I doubt it but I gotta stop here


Good luck I’m all for you making diamonds get back on topic please

You realize an echo chamber is not a good thing right? It’s closing yourself off and surrounding yourself with people that share your viewpoint thereby narrowing your experiences…

That sounds like a solid idea man. I’m only responding

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it’s not the BHO that’s catching fire…

do you think that “truth” still holds if we look at the percentage of practitioners injured whilst practicing.

you need to understand the process, which is crystallization.

you want to be a dickhead and ignore sound advise? k. good luck with that.

doesn’t change the fact that understanding how to make sugar crystals will inform your diamond mining.


I bet if i take mother liquid of bho and throw a match into it, it lights.

You’re calling me the dick? That’s funny to me

Now you are talking about incidence and I’m speaking of prevalence, they are similar but different. You can pretend that you’re on deaths door Everytime you make bho, I feel like just about anyone can do it, just don’t let your gas pool or have ignition source near.

I already got what I came for but I’m happy to keep replying. The ball is in your court

glad you’re amused. don’t hurt yourself.


Um yes. Static electricity can be an ignition source. Just ground yourself

It’s similar when you work on Computers, you want to make sure you are not charged or you can fuck up your components. Shit, they even tell you to do it at the gas station.

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Me - You’re writing meaningful thoughts and it makes me so proud."

You -“nope. never.”

Also You- “don’t hurt yourself”

I knew you cared for me

And the second quote is sorta helpful I guess. I already knew it could take 2-3 weeks though

you sound like you’ve got most of this. you don’t look like you have enough in that jar to get very far (looks 2-3mm deep when done to me. could be wrong. need a moving pic to have any real hope of guessing right).

now you just need to understand saturation, & how seeds work.

maybe this ins’t the right place to learn those. the concepts are here. but you need to read through to find the external links or excepts dragged in. just ask the all knowing one about them. spend a couple of hrs, then come back and read some of the crystallization thread here.

take two or three weeks to do that reading, and you’ll probably have your first diamonds too.

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nah. I was just trying to appear nice :wink:

really don’t want anyone else hurting themselves…some of this stuff gets a lot of reads.

I forgot it was the echo chamber.
must be the damn cannabis. :scream:


I knew you cared for me

nah. don’t want anyone else hurting themselves though

^^^That’s damn near an oxymoron

My amount in the jar is definitely not a lot, however I had watched videos of people making diamonds with just a few grams, and being my second time trying ever, I did not want to mess up too much material, something I believe you spoke about earlier.

It is a thin layer across the bottom with a decent amount of little white granules scattered throughout the liquid. The good thing is, if I did mess up, I can vac it, and make shatter or crumble and be happy with that. I have had fun just trying, but full success would be nice.

wouldn’t that be a oxycontin user who continues to ignore the benefits of cannabis?

I can absolutely care about the health and safety of the other members, and all the folks who read this board without ever creating logins, AND not care one way or the other about your personal safety. [maybe :thinking:]

I certainly don’t have time for this nonsense.

fuck, maybe I do care…

wanna try again?

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not judging babydoll

you be doin that bit…

I was evaluating.

…and advising you as the first responder also did, that a little more reading would help you understand what you were seeing.

maybe my rephrasing of your question helps?

you understood what it was, if you understand why it dissolved, you’d be where you wanted to be. you can get there by doing this over and over again. or you can read.

you can even gain that understanding without risking diabetes (or 3rd degree burns) by making rock candy.

glass jars are probably a bad idea. doubling up on the lids is an even worse idea. as you noted the temp swing isn’t good for them either. if they don’t leak, the trick really doesn’t work…


I love how you said you have no time for this nonsense and posted 3 times with nothing from me.

Also, I actually really appreciate you finding all those links, the ones I told you I did not have time to sit around and search for. Was that so hard? You think you’re proving something, but you’re giving me what I asked for all along lololol, so thank you.

Also, if I am using dry ice and I’m outside and grounded…how would I get third degree burns. Nothing to initiate a flame, and only subzero temp solvent.

You have been real helpful these past few posts

And I always knew you cared. Thank you

And you called me babydoll haha, are you like 18?

Are you having fun shitting up our board? You clearly don’t have the time to read, you’re asking simple questions, so why the fuck do you have time to get in a flame war?

You got enough answers to figure it out didn’t you dexter? Now politely go fuck yourself and watch your little cartoon you dumb fuck.

I hope your fucking cls has a leak and you go boom, people like you do nothing for anybody, so I’d be quite happy if you didn’t exist.


love the way you show that appreciation.
seems it’s already winning you friends around here.

I took time out of my day to dig that up despite your deplorable attitude. Not because I have any care or respect left for you, but because now, others are able to gain from reading.


I hope he chokes on all those spoons you fed his ungrateful ass.

@StoneD too, you guys are much nicer than I’ll ever be lol.


Wrong thread I replied too.

Still hope you suffer a painful end @Dextersdaboratory.

Well unfortunately for you I got the diamonds I came for. Not the ending you were looking for, but it was the one I was looking for. Go ahead and dick ride stone some more