Hypothetical extraction tech

Imagine a bed of alumina 220 grit dumped over this unit equipped some cotton at the outlet so grit more or less stays in. The grit would be three inches or so as a layer.


Now imagine filling it about halfway with methanol then putting this into it.

After the pull down in temp plateaus then dump finely ground herb of choice and allow to soak. At some point then a diaphragm vacuum pump can pull the very cold solvent through the alumina by vacuum into an adjoining closed vessel with the vacuum ports arranged in simple fashion on top. No pump touches the stuff and just one transfer through alumina at cryogenic temps after extended soaking? This would result in zero wax imo in the solvent recovered.

You guys that “concentrate” 420 plant matter using alcohol (methanol) like this could even use a faucet driven water vacuum pump if you have running water. Has anything like this been tried?

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I used to use those, but they cracked as soon as the dry ice got to them.


I wondered about that. Thanks you for the input.

How about steel closed loop filter plates :slight_smile:


Instagram is littered with cracked BelArt filters. PE is not forgiving at such low temperatures, especially with unsupported walls that are so thin. Even metals are brittle at those temperatures unfortunately. Stainless seems to fare well but then it also warms your solution fairly quickly, if not jacketed.


Perhaps a ghetto rigged dry ice sleeve out of 5 gallon buckets or coolers would insulate stainless steel nicely.