Hypochlorous Acid causing incorrect media VWC readings?

Had a solenoid fail last night and my small tank for hocl day gravity fed and emptied itself through emitters into cubes, about 2 days worth of water usage drained in 15 mins flooded room out no fun. But now my media is reading far below field capacity and no matter what I do I can’t get it to reach field capacity using drip emitters. Anybody noticed hocl to cause incorrect media VWC readings? My rockwool seems to be saturated it’s heavy and visually feels and looks saturated, also when emitters kick on I’m getting more than usual runoff but still, cannot get reading over 50% even after moving meter and checking few different locations in the room incase I created air pocket or anything that may give inaccurate reading. Don’t like not being able to insure my drybacks are where I need them to be but I’m lost wondering if anyone’s experienced something similar.