[HUMBOLDT] 50L Stainless Steel Jacketed Reactor for Sale

Pre-Built 50L Stainless Steel Jacketed Reactor (Price new: $4000) for sale with the following extras:

6" Tri-Clamp Filter Plate $40
6" Filter Plate Ring $16
Additional 6" Double Bolt Clamps from BHOgart $40

Price for reactor and accessories: $3400

Like new condition, only used a couple times. Bought it new, directly from BestValueVacs couple months ago.

Also for sale separate or with reactor $75 each (2 available):
New Pig Utility Containment Tray, Plastic, 23-Gallon Sump Capacity, 52” x 28” x 5"

Located in Eureka, CA. We can also ship it.

Why are you getting rid of it?

We are cutting our losses on this project. To get up and running ended up a lot more difficult than we anticipated and currently don’t have the resources to keep trying. Equipment has no issues whatsoever.

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Hey. My partners and I are thinking of getting into the biz. I was just wondering what kind of issues you were having.


What else are you boys letting go of?

I’m interested in purchasing your reactor with filter disc’s ring accessories & 2 treys for $3500.00 including shipping To Boulder CO. 80301
I also had one “sitting around idled” for four months after Tinkering with it for a little bit… Recently got it back out to replace a glass unit that imploded and now I’m ready for my fourth edition if you can help me out and accommodate my offer? LMK :peace_symbol::atom_symbol::yin_yang:

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